Love from the keyboard



The Closing of the Year (Part III): December

I am perpetually the Second Witch who says, “Open, locks, whoever knocks!” Except, I can never really see who’s on the other side of the door, and it’s almost certainly not Macbeth.


The Closing of the Year (Part II)

The external world is now merely mirroring my internal world: every morning the lines are redrawn. The paths I thought I understood yesterday are upheaved and I’m starting over.


The Closing of the Year (Part I)

I wake early to screaming blue jays. It’s hot. My covers are twisted around me, having been tossed in the swim of sleep. I’m somehow not hungover and there is warm breeze coming through the window.


Remind Me That I'm Lost

There are dark nights of the soul, but what is it called when the soul can’t sleep?


Neptune: A Poem

Neptune, you told me that hot summer night how lonely you are marching through the darkness on your slow, blue tilt.


Once in a Blue Moon: Intentions for the Next Chapter

We won’t have another Blue Moon until January of 2018. I invite you to think about what those questions mean to you as you ponder the next three years ahead. What do you want to bring into your life? And what venom do you wish to release from it?