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The Buzz Master Class: How to Earn Sustainable Income for Bloggers and Authors

Tell me if you’ve ever experienced this scenario: you sign up for a class or informational webinar about how to be a better blogger/writer/author. They promise great things about how to develop an audience (something most publishing houses are requiring of their prospects before even giving them a second glance) and how to leverage the powerful tools of the internet to your advantage. The PowerPoint is glossy, the presenter’s voice […]


Goes Ever On: There Might Be Sun

There is no sky this morning, just a steady sheet of grey. The trees are inky and drenched. The car glides around the curves through the mountains and I feel like I am in a very different type of ocean here.


Wild Goose: A Spiritual Community of Freedom

Read my post from last year’s Wild Goose. About three weeks ago I spent four days in the mountains of North Carolina at The Wild Goose Festival. Maybe you’ve seen me talk about this Wild Goose on social media, or maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about. So, what exactly is this Wild Goose Festival? It is a festival focused around spirituality, art, and social justice. In person […]


The Stories We Have Buried

The best part about having great writing friends, professors and classes is that they give me the courage and tools to write stories that I haven’t been able to write before. We all bury stories for one reason or another, whether out of fear, or self-doubt, or imperfection. Maybe it’s that situation that was so odd you’ve been trying to figure it out for ten years. Or that missed connection […]


The Book of Job, Omelets and Funerals

We are sluggish getting ready for the viewing for my grandmother. Partly because we just finished a six hour road trip and partly because my father-in-law’s funeral was only six months ago (and I can’t believe this is happening again). As I put on my dress clothes I am lost in some reality where I believe that if we just slow down the viewing and the funeral won’t happen. They will be suspended in some far off future waiting for someone, […]


I Will Give You

A new year is upon us. While that holds the promise of a clean slate ahead, we sometimes carry baggage in from the old year despite our best efforts. And so if your year started as dark as the last one ended, this is for you. Maybe you have poured yourself out so much that you don’t know who you are at the bottom of the jar. Maybe you have […]